Business Intelligence

Our Approach

Geneva Intelligence (GI) is a business intelligence consultancy, operating in Switzerland and worldwide. The consultancy was created by business intelligence and communication professionals with experience in several European countries. Our experts come from complementary backgrounds and experiences, are familiar with business intelligence tools and are supported by an extensive network.

Our firm is a response to the increasing demand for strategic information coming from organisations across all sectors, concerned with their development, sustainability or sometimes even survival. GI’s experts help organisations understand clearly how to manage strategic information by first collecting it, then processing and analysing it.

Geneva Intelligence is a limited company incorporated under Swiss law, with its registered office in Geneva.


Our mission is to provide strategic information with high added value. To help our clients in their decision–making process, giving them access to trustworthy and relevant information is essential. Geneva Intelligence can identify and provide such information.

GI’s experts implement long-term and/or targeted monitoring strategies, allowing us to identify early signals and anticipate trends. This monitoring is done by gathering, processing and analysing formal, informal, and open-source information.


Our objectives are to respond to our client’s needs:

  • Detect and anticipate opportunities
  • Detect, anticipate and manage risks and threats
  • Protect organizational assets